Linux Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Giving back to open source since 1999

Q: Support as in money?

A: Yes. Over $750,000 in financial support to software development, communities and events. We also provide advisory support.

Q: How do you raise money?

A: Linux Fund pioneered affinity card fundraising for Open Source in 1999. We also accept donations and organize events.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?

A: Yes. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Q: How can I help?

A: Carry our card and make a philanthropic donation to the Open Source community every time you use it. Donate to make a more direct impact in this community.

If Open Source makes or saves you money, then consider returning the favor.

Q: Linux Foundation/Linux Fund: Are you two separate organizations?

A: Yes. Two different nonprofits with distinct yet complimentary missions.

Q: Doesn't Linux Foundation also have a credit card?

Yes, as does the Free Software Foundation. We suggest you carry the card that is closest to your heart and we know of people who carry multiple cards.

Q: Can Linux Fund help my project?

A: Possibly. Contact

Q: What is BSD Fund?

A: Our partner organization supports BSD events and development around the world. There is also a BSD Fund Visa.

Q: Is that Linux and BSD Fund as in "to fund" or an investment fund?

A: In our case it's a verb: Linux Fund and BSD Fund fund Open Source projects and events.

Q: What exactly do you mean by "Open Source"?

A: We support nonproprietary technology projects of various kinds and from a strictly legal perspective, we support projects that use OSI-approved licenses.

Q: Do you support more than Linux?

A: Yes. We have always been project and license agnostic but do support various Linux-related projects and community efforts.

Q: How is your card revenue used?

A: It is divided between our grants to community events and our operating overhead.

Q: How do you select what events you support?

A: We do our best support every community-lead event we can find and have recently supported events in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy and Ghana.

Q: How do you select your partner projects?

A: We have a Technical Advisory Board that is lead by our Program Director and together they watch for promising projects that have struggled to reach production status or expand Open Source into an important but under-serviced area of computing.

Q: How much of my donation to a project goes to a project developer or event?

A: Partner development projects and events receive over 90% of donated funds after applicable bank fees and we hope to achieve 100% support through increased donations to our General Fund.

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