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Ideas To Enhance
Your Portland Experience.

A Geek's Guide to Portland and Oregon

Portland hosts Open Source conferences and conventions both large and small. OSCON, SuperComputing, LinuxCon, & RailsConf come quickly to mind.
We thought it might be good for Open Source to give future conference attendees a reason to come early and stay a few extra days, the next time they attend a conference in Portland Oregon.
So here are some suggestions. With so much to see and do, anytime you travel to Portland for conferences or other business, you really should schedule an extra day. Or three.
And bring the family.
Top 10 Things To Do In Portland OR
Couldn't hold it to just 10, so it's 10-Plus. Just one opinion of course, but you might find it a decent place to start your planning.

Transportation Options
$2 each way will get you from the Airport to The Oregon Convention Center and Downtown Portland on MAX, our Light Rail system. A 7-day pass is only $23 ($15 for age 65+) and good for light rail, streetcar and buses. More on at the link.

Tax-Free Shopping
No Sales Tax, No Value Added Tax (VAT). Haul it home with you or use the shipping links at the bottom of this page.

The Beer Here
Portland may have more Brew Pubs per capita than any city in the USA. Be sure to try a glass while you're here. The New York Times reviewed Portland's Brew Pub scene (copied here). The page also has links to leading brew pubs.

Oregon Wine
303 wineries on 98,000 square miles of wine country. A solid and growing international reputation for quality wine. Try a glass while you're here.

Food & Restaurants
After Beer & Wine, Food. We live, therefore we eat. We think, therefore we like to eat well.

Dance Clubs
Maps and links to local media with club lists and performance schedules.

Zoo, Children's Museum
Big Playlands, A Science Museum, & other stuff for kids.

Art, History, Velvet Paintings, Hats, Maritime, Science and Industry, Castle Homes, and one very large Spruce Goose.

Parks - City, State and National
Trees, Trail, Lakes and Streams. And a place to pitch your tent / park your RV.

Portland has a wealth of public gardens including our Rose Test Garden, Formal Chinese and Japanese Gardens, The Bishop's Close botanical garden and much more

Points of Interest
River Boating, Cannon Beach, Shakespeare Festival, Etc.

Big Events
Celebrations of Roses, Music, Cinco de Mayo, Beef & Brew,

Kites, Sand Castles, Whale Watching...

Music & Arts
Symphonies, Opera Companies, Ballet, and live Theater.

Trees, Trail, Lakes and Streams. And a place to pitch your tent / park your RV.

For those who want to give a little something back America's Indian Tribes, they've built Casinos.

Oregon Cities
Visit all you want, but please don't move here. -- Governor Tom McCall, 1972. Just saying.

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Everything on the Top-10-Plus List can be visited via public transportation.
Airport to downtown is $2 each way - or included with a 7-day pass.

A 7-day TriMet pass is $23.
It lets you ride every Bus, Streetcar, MAX and WES train in the system.

Union Station is on the Transit Mall, inside the Free Rail Zone.

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