Gnash Memory Manager and RTMP


Help us advance open source multimedia

Gnash is a media player that includes an open implementation of the Adobe® Flash® family of multimedia formats. Linux Fund has partnered with Sandro Santilli of the Gnash team to expand its support for RTMP media streaming and improve its memory manager. Linux Fund has successfully raised money to improve Gnash's OpenStreetMap editing capabilities.

Gnash Memory Manager

Linux Fund is raising money to reduce Gnash's memory usage by improving its memory management system by mixing reference-counting with the garbage-collection to allow earlier recycling of short-lived objects.

Gnash Memory Manager Budget: $2,150

Gnash RTMP

The Gnash RTMP project will bring Real Time Messaging Protocol support to Gnash, enabling users to enjoy streaming video from web sites that use the open source Red5, Cygnal and Dimdim servers.

Gnash RTMP work description and budget:

  • Implement 'rtmp' URI schemes in the NetConnection ActionScript class: $1,250
  • Implement media streaming support in NetStream the ActionScript class: $1,250
  • Implement an IOChannel abstraction of the RTMP protocol: $2,500

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More information about the Gnash project can be found at the Gnash home page.

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